Welcome Stewards

Our Local Union Job Stewards are key players on the PIBF team.

We rely on our Stewards to help us make sure Member hours and contributions are duly recorded – for every hour each Member spends in Union pipeline work.

It’s a big job – but every Steward understands how important it is.

If you’re working as a Job Steward, please make sure you know your PIBF. Use this website to review the latest information on our organization, our policies, and all the things we can do for our Members.

And please, make sure you complete and submit the weekly Stewards Benefit Fund Report – each and every week.

Thanks for helping us carry out the work of your Pipeline Industry Benefits Fund!

If you have questions, please let us know via e-mail. Click HERE: Contact PIBF

To visit Local Union 798’s on-line Stewards Pages, click HERE: Local 798 Stewards Pages