“New” Helper’s Downhill Welding School Requirement

Effective January 1,2011 the requirements for admission to and attending the Local 798 Downhill Welding School as a Welder Helper to upgrade to Welder are as follows.

(l) 5,000 hours of Covered Employment as reported to the Education Center.

(2) Five letters of recommendation from a Welder or Journeyman member of a U A Pipeline Local that you have worked with directly, but no more than one family member letter will be accepted.

{3) Minimum of three years experience on Covered Employment as defined in the Education Center Trust Agreement.

The selection process will be based on your work history and your experience with all aspects of welder helping. All applicants will be reviewed before the start of a new class. There will no longer be a numerical order according to your application date. All applications must be filled out completely with five letters of recommendation attached before they will be reviewed. There will be only two classes each year, one starting in January and the other starting in September. The request for applications are to be requested by e-mail, fax or a physical letter. No phone calls, please.

To check your hours Click HERE.  For assistance, call PIBF at 918-280-4800.

All applications requests must be made to Director of Training, Farron Hollabaugh.

Email:  farron@pibf.org , or Fax 918-270-4719,

or mail to Local 798 Education Center ,4845, S. 83rd E. Ave Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147